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Gender-Fluid Shoe Designer Nik Kacy

Meet Gender-Fluid Shoe Designer Nik Kacy

We are in love with the passion and the style of Nik Kacy. The pride and dedication he puts into his new gender-fluid shoe line undeniable. [youtube]https://youtu.be/3ZgucgeBxKk[/youtube] NiK Kacy is a fashion line inspired by the fashion needs of both its founder and the larger LGBTQ community. NiK Kacy, who identifies as gender-fluid, queer and trans, designed his first collection of masculine of center gender-neutral shoes in order to provide a solution for the on-going...

Mortasay Vaucluse Lounge Show

Grammys Weekend, First Show in 2015

So much is already happening in 2015 for Mortasay and we can't wait to share! We’re extremely excited to announce our first show of the year which is (drumroll please)...