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#Mortasay/News /Radiohead – 15 Step #Mortasay Cover Rehearsal


Radiohead – 15 Step #Mortasay Cover Rehearsal


The things you can do with an overhead mic, a midi keyboard, and a Cajon.  Just thought we’d share a snippet of our rehearsal from Sunday.  We’re still working out the stripped down versions of our original songs, but it’s actually a really good exercise in minimalism. 

The show setlist for Thursday includes the cover of “15 Step” by Radiohead which will be available for purchase on our website before May 13.  May 13 as some of you may know is actually Amy’s birthday and falls on a Friday.  What better way to celebrate Amy and her momentous Friday the 13th birthday than with the gift of music. Hint, hint! Wink, wink!

Written By: Terrahbyte

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  • Ivon Gregory

    September 27, 20175:04 pm

    I enjoyed your wonderful blog.

    Thank you for the very hard work done.

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