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Radiohead – 15 Step #Mortasay Cover Rehearsal

[youtube]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6oiIVJgBFyY[/youtube] The things you can do with an overhead mic, a midi keyboard, and a Cajon.  Just thought we'd share a snippet of our rehearsal from Sunday.  We're still working out the stripped down versions of our original songs, but it's actually a really good exercise in minimalism.  The show setlist for Thursday includes the cover of "15 Step" by Radiohead which will be available for purchase on our website before May 13.  May 13 as...

Amy Hates My Text Messages

[youtube width="464" height="323"]https://youtu.be/ouyqGyCTLho[/youtube] Vonyse, here.  I wanted to make a video reminding everyone about our show @Bar20 on Thursday, April 21st.  Instead we ended up talking about my lack of emotions while texting.  Apparently, a few of the people in my life who text me feel my texts are emotionless.  Of course Amy, being the wonderful communicator/debater she is, had evidence to support her argument.  The attached video is just a short recap of what...

Bar20 Show

Putting On A Show April 21 @Bar20

Come on out and bang with us. We're performing a free acoustic show at a nice bar off the Sunset strip. Good food, good friends and good music. We can't wait to share our journey and our love. See you soon! ...


We’re In the February Issue of Shemag

Hey #molovers, guess what dynamic duo is in the february issue of Shemag. It's the first of many exciting things to come. We just wanted to share this with you all, as we grow on our journey. Thank you to everyone that has been supporting us. It has definitely taken a long while for us to be able to fully share ourselves and our story. If we touch one...

Mortasay Vaucluse Lounge Show

Grammys Weekend, First Show in 2015

So much is already happening in 2015 for Mortasay and we can't wait to share! We’re extremely excited to announce our first show of the year which is (drumroll please)...