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Amy Hates My Text Messages

[youtube width=”464″ height=”323″]https://youtu.be/ouyqGyCTLho[/youtube]
Vonyse, here.  I wanted to make a video reminding everyone about our show @Bar20 on Thursday, April 21st.  Instead we ended up talking about my lack of emotions while texting.  Apparently, a few of the people in my life who text me feel my texts are emotionless.  Of course Amy, being the wonderful communicator/debater she is, had evidence to support her argument.  The attached video is just a short recap of what we discovered as we read my responses in her text feed.  Let me just say, I love intimate phone conversations.  I’m not always patient enough to answer via text, especially when I know we’re going to talk later.

That being said, I have promised to work on my texting and my posting.  If you’re out there and you’re listening and you think my texts are emotionless, please let me know.  And then give me some input on how I can do better.  I’m so open for more growth this year it’s not even funny.  No, really, I’m finally at the point in my life where I overly embrace change and lessons in change.  Bring it!!!

On another note, come out and bang with us on Thursday.  It’s FREE!  It will just be Amy and I making as much noise as we can on a cajon and midi keyboard.  We hit at 9:30pm.  SEE YOU SOON!

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