Gender-Fluid Shoe Designer Nik Kacy

Meet Gender-Fluid Shoe Designer Nik Kacy

We are in love with the passion and the style of Nik Kacy. The pride and dedication he puts into his new gender-fluid shoe line undeniable.

NiK Kacy is a fashion line inspired by the fashion needs of both its founder and the larger LGBTQ community. NiK Kacy, who identifies as gender-fluid, queer and trans, designed his first collection of masculine of center gender-neutral shoes in order to provide a solution for the on-going problem of individuals unable to purchase men’s style shoes due to limitations in sizing set by the shoe industry based on gender. His first collection, Fortune, consists of 5 classically masculine looking styles, now modernized with colorful contrasts and re-proportioned to fit those who identify in whatever spirit they deem fit.

His desire for gender equality extends further by expanding his label to include an upcoming feminine-of-center collection, featuring high-heel style shoes in the same European unisex sizes ranging from 34-47 (US women’s 3.5 to men’s 14). NiK successfully completed a Kickstarter campaign to fund the creation of his Fortune line and hopes to develop a truly gender-neutral footwear and fashion collection so that all people can express their authentic selves without being boxed in a gender binary.

Our philosophy is that fashion is about style, and style is not limited by gender or gender expression. Walk with us. Walk your way.

He surely has #mortasay.