We’re In the February Issue of Shemag

She mag couples

Hey #molovers, guess what dynamic duo is in the february issue of Shemag. It’s the first of many exciting things to come. We just wanted to share this with you all, as we grow on our journey. Thank you to everyone that has been supporting us. It has definitely taken a long while for us to be able to fully share ourselves and our story. If we touch one life through our struggles, our music or our love, then our living will be on purpose.

Our overall message is that every story counts. We all have more to say, no matter how you choose to express yourself of not. You matter! So again, to our friends and love ones, thank you. You might not know how much the space your provide for us means, but we cherish it. Hope to see you soon! With love, #Mortasay.

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    1. Terrahbyte Post author

      Thank you! Appreciate you reading it. Sorry for the extremely late response. We are working on relaunching with new music.

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